Right to Buy entitlements should not apply to foreign nationals: Neither sensible nor fair


Andrew_Charalambous__Web_Profile_Pic_.jpgUKIP Housing spokesman Andrew Charalambous has announced that UKIP will include in its manifesto a pledge that foreign nationals will be banned from buying their council houses under the Government's relaunch of the Right to Buy scheme. An exception would be made for those who have served in the British armed forces.

Andrew Charalambous, UKIP's Housing spokesman, said: "Britain's social housing stock is massively oversubscribed. It is neither sensible nor fair on British families on waiting lists for Right to Buy entitlements to apply to foreign nationals occupying council or housing association homes.

"We in UKIP want to create an immigration system that maximises the positive contribution migrants make to our economy and society. Allowing foreign nationals to buy scarce social housing does not accord with that principle and providing a discount when they do is even more of a nonsense."

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