Roger Helmer reappointed as UKIP’s Energy Spokesman

Published Nov 30, 2016

RogerHelmerRole.jpgRoger Helmer MEP said, “I am very happy to have confidence of UKIP's new Leader. UKIP will continue to campaign for secure and affordable energy to promote industrial competitiveness and to minimise the problems of domestic fuel poverty

“Brexit will give us the opportunity to revisit current perverse energy taxation policies. I'm looking forward to working with Paul and the new team to ensure that UKIP and its supporters’ voices are heard in the vital debate over energy in the UK.”

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said, “Roger has no fear of the establishment or big business, and is precisely the person this country needs to take on the energy fat-cats, the policy makers that never suffer the consequences of their actions, and argue the need for lower prices for domestic and business energy users across Britain.”

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