Roger Helmer welcomes JCB's Lord Bamford's Brexit remarks

Published May 18, 2015

Roger_Helmer.jpgRoger Helmer MEP, UKIP Industry Spokesman, has welcomed Lord Bamford's remarks, adding, "This blows out of the water the commonly held assertion that the UK needs to be in the EU to trade internationally when quite the contrary is true.

"As an example of a big player and a globally trading UK business, JCB demonstrates that we should be looking beyond the limiting, outmoded Eurocentric model and freeing ourselves from regulation to do business around the world. He is absolutely right to remind everyone that the UK is the sixth largest global economy and can exist, indeed thrive, beyond the shackles of Brussels and must seek to do so in order to be future proof and to prosper.

"JCB is one of the most prominent companies to support British exit, but it should be borne in mind that under the banner of Business for Britain, many other big companies have come out against ongoing membership of the EU "

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