Roger slashes panicked Tories' majority in Newark as People's Army marches on


UKIP candidate Roger Helmer slashed the Tory majority in Newark – their 40th safest seat nationwide – and left the demoralised Lib Dems losing their deposit and falling to a miserable sixth place as we took a massive 26 per cent of the vote.

Speaking after the result was announced, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: “If you had said to me before the campaign we would go from four per cent to 26 per cent I would have taken that.

"It means that we go on whether it is a Tory-held seat, a Labour-held seat, a LibDem held seat - we go on being the challenger in all of these constituencies.

"And the right one will come along - a marginal - and we will win it."

Newark by-election: result in full

Robert Jenrick (Con) 17,431 (45.03%, -8.82%)

Roger Helmer (UKIP) 10,028 (25.91%, +22.09%)

Michael Payne (Lab) 6,842 (17.68%, -4.65%)

Paul Baggaley (Ind) 1,891 (4.89%)

David Kirwan (Green) 1,057 (2.73%)

David Watts (LD) 1,004 (2.59%, -17.41%)

Nick The Flying Brick (Loony) 168 (0.43%)

Andy Hayes (Ind) 117 (0.30%)

David Bishop (BP Elvis) 87 (0.22%)

Dick Rodgers (Stop Banks) 64 (0.17%)

Lee Woods (Pat Soc) 18 (0.05%)

Con majority 7,403 (19.13%)

15.46% swing Con to UKIP

Electorate 73,486; Turnout 38,707 (52.67%, -18.69%)


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