UKIP's Jim Carver MEP says Roma must be included on the Holocaust Commission

Published Apr 08, 2016

April 8th is International Roma Day, and as the only British elected politician of Gypsy descent Jim Carver MEP, the UKIP Commonwealth spokesman has written to the Prime Minister calling for a member of the Roma community to be included on the UK's Holocaust Commission. He will be handing his open letter on behalf of Britain's Roma communities to the No 10 at 13:00hrs today

Jim Carver MEP wrote,
"The Romani community, of which I am a member, have lived in the United Kingdom for many centuries, but always on the margins of society. Today my community faces increased difficulties which have been further exacerbated by recent changes in planning legislation redefining the legal personality of a traveller.

I urge you to consider the appointment of one or more Roma to the Holocaust Commission, which you initiated. Our absence from membership, despite the Nazi genocide that cost some 500,000 Romani lives, is felt and perceived to be another instance of marginalisation and exclusion, yet one easily put right by such acknowledgement."

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