RUSI confirms UKIP findings on defence budget "smoke and mirrors"

Published Jul 28, 2015

MikeHookem.jpgUKIP's claims that the defence budget was bumped up to meet the NATO target of 2% of GDP on defence spending has been confirmed by respected think tank The Royal United Services Institute.

Britain will meet the promise to spend only by adding the MI5, MI6 and GCHQ into the mix: without this money the percentage spending on defence would only be 1.85 per cent.

Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem said the findings showed there was "some unsure hand creative accounting going on in the Treasury which UKIP spotted on the day of the budget."

"I said at the time this was an utter charade: for all the Chancellor's bravado in Parliament his promises on defence have already proved worthless.

"We now have a situation with Turkey calling for political support as they step up to meet the threat posed by Islamic State which could escalate following the suicide bombing last week.

"We need to make sure our Armed Forces are properly funded, not treated like global policemen and not subject to secret cost cutting by a smoke and mirrors Chancellor."

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