Ruth Davidson's pro EU speech in Brussels shows that the only Eurosceptic party in Scotland is UKIP

Published Sep 22, 2015

David_Coburn.jpgSpeaking in Brussels today, Ruth Davidson, Leader of the Scottish Conservatives said that she will support the UK remaining in the EU, come what may. In response David Coburn MEP, Leader of UKIP Scotland has said: "Scots opposed to the EU should vote for UKIP in the May Scottish Parliamentary elections regardless of party. All the other parties support rule from Brussels, including the Tories, to a greater or lesser extent.

"Currently 80% of decisions are being made in Brussels and Frankfurt and not Holyrood and Westminster. UKIP is the ONLY party giving real independence to Scotland by bringing powers back to Holyrood and Westminster from the undemocratic remote European Union.

"Ms Davidson, a former journalist with little experience of business, stated that her father selling Whisky to Europe put food on her plate. As a businessman working in the real world with other businessmen and women, we know we would sell more goods worldwide once free of EU regulations and restraints.The Germans will not stop drinking whisky if we leave the EU and neither will the non EU Japanese salarymen on their Friday nights.

"By stating that she will support the UK remaining in the EU, come what may, Ruth Davidson is abandoning those 35% of Scots, according to the latest polls who are already committed to supporting an 'Leave' vote in the upcoming referendum. Today, the only Scottish party that represents those people, is UKIP.

"Her position, in the light of these numbers is an isolated one, as there are now 4 pro-EU parties in Scotland, but only one that truly stands for Scottish independence.

"We want to trade with the dynamic areas of the world not just the sclerotic bankrupt European Union and it's badly drawn up restrictive TTIP regulations that puts the operation of the NHS under threat."

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