Saving the pub: A UKIP priority

Published Apr 14, 2015

UKIP-calls-for-return-of-pub-smoking-rooms_strict_xxl.jpgPaul Nuttall, the UKIP Deputy Leader, launching the UKIP pub policy said,

“UKIP believe that the pub is the beating heart of our communities. They are integral to the way this country is perceived abroad and are a mainstay of our lives. A good pub can be many things, and a diversity of public houses enriches our society.

"Pubs are where friends are made, where wrongs are righted, where revolutions are planned. They are environments where all are welcome and all are special. They are part of the fabric of our society, but due to successive government policies they are under threat."

The UK has lost 21,000 pubs and tens of thousands of jobs since 1980, mostly as a result of taxation, regulation, the recent decline in disposable incomes and long-term cultural changes. The smoking ban and the alcohol duty escalator are estimated to be responsible for some 6,000 pub closures. There are now about 45,000 pubs left and they employ over 150,000 people.

To reverse this trend we will:

• Offer tax breaks to smaller breweries to encourage micro-breweries

• Keep the current excise duty scheme that exempts from duty cider and perry made by small domestic producers

• Amend the smoking ban to give pubs and clubs the choice to open smoking rooms provided they are properly ventilated and physically separated from non-smoking areas. Workers must not be required to enter smoking areas except for cleaning and other essential purposes when they are not in use

• Oppose minimum pricing of alcohol.

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