Schengen fails on its Birthday

Published Jun 14, 2015

MikeHookem.jpgAs the grandees of the EU celebrate the 30th anniversary of the open-border Schengen Agreement, it's flaws are laid open on the Italian /French border as both country's police forces go into action to block migrants from travelling across the EU.

Italian police in riot gear forced back into Italy hundreds of migrants near the border town of Ventimiglia, as France refused the migrants entry pouring contempt on the champagne and speeches in Luxembourg celebrating the Treaty's success.

Mike Hookem MEP UKIP security spokesman said, "The closing of the Schengen border between France and Italy proves what UKIP have been saying: there is a security threat from having unmanned borders and this is one Isis have said they will be exploiting.

"We cannot have the UK's border starting at Italy and other southern European countries who are inundated with asylum and immigration request because it puts us at the mercy of people traffickers and terrorist groups."

European Commissioners have been boasting all day on Twitter about the free movement of people, such as Dimitris Avramopoulos, the migration Commissioner who tweeted "Creation of Schengen area is one of the EU’s greatest achievements and it is irreversible".

Hookem said, "Schengen is failing today, as the sheer weight of migrant numbers travel across the EU. It would be wise of the Commission to deal in the reality of the situation rather than vainglorious boasting. Nothing in life, and certainly in politics, is irreversible, as any democrat should realise".

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