Seven seats for UKIP in historic result for Welsh Assembly

Published May 06, 2016

UKIP Wales were jubilant this morning after winning SEVEN regional seats in the Welsh Assembly.

Nathan Gill and Michelle Brown were elected in North Wales, Mark Reckless and David Rowlands won in South Wales East, Caroline Jones was successful in South Wales West, Gareth Bennett took a seat in South Wales Central and Neil Hamilton was returned in Mid & West Wales.

New AM Mark Reckless told the BBC: "We will be a breath of fresh air in the assembly. It's been too cosy for too long."

Meanwhile, his new Assembly colleague, Neil Hamilton, admitted: "This has been quite a surprising turn of events for me."

"I hadn't anticipated at the age of 67 that I would once again be elected to public office, particularly after I had been liberated from it so spectacularly in 1997 by the electorate."

The final results from the 60 seats in the Assembly are:

  • Labour  29 
  • Plaid Cymru 12 
  • Conservatives 11 
  • UKIP
  • Lib Dems 1

You can find more 2016 election results here.

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