Sevenoaks Grammar School: Government given B- at best

Published Oct 15, 2015

PaulNuttall1.jpgThe government’s decision to allow a grammar school annexe to be built - in reality a new grammar school - is typical of their weasel-worded ways, said UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall.

The comments came following the announcement that an existing Grammar school in Kent can build a new ‘annexe’ 10 miles away. The first one to open for 50 years.

Mr Nuttall, the party’s education spokesman said: “Instead of having the courage to tear up the 1998 laws passed by Labour banning new grammar schools the Tories are allowing one by the back door.

“UKIP is 100% in favour of selective education and would introduce a grammar school in every town and city. That is our policy and we are proud of it.

“The British public want Grammar Schools to come back, and this will be proven by the fact that when it opens there will not be a single empty chair in the school.

“Such schools provide true social mobility and allow everyone regardless of background to get a first class education.

“The Tories, however, are too weak to implement a new policy despite the public demand, and Labour with its authoritarian outlook simply won’t believe that the public can disagree with one of their policies and be right.

“This is what we have come to expect from this government, a failure to truly represent the wishes of the majority of people in the country, and the belief that they know best what’s good for us.” said Mr Nuttall.

The new grammar school “annexe” with 450 places is to be opened in Sevenoaks, Kent following a long campaign by supporters.

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