She's not the Iron Lady, It's more Tinfoil Theresa

Published Oct 05, 2016

Tim_hi_res_photo_2015.jpgCllr Tim Aker MEP said: "Theresa May tried to pass herself off as the Iron Lady, when we actually got Tinfoil Theresa. No substance, no mandate, no direction.

"Actions speak louder than words and Theresa May can't change her record. She increased net immigration to a third of a million while telling voters it would be less than 100,000. She voted Remain and is trying to convince the country she was Leave's biggest champion. The Tories must think the country is stupid not to notice. It wasn't long ago Theresa May wanted to bomb the road to Damascus, not walk it.

"Theresa May spent her time in government putting the pinch on working people. Her support for austerity and open borders have cut wages for the poorest, increased pressure on school class sizes and added to the housing crisis.  Her record is precisely the reason Britain voted to leave the EU and Britain has two more years of uncontrolled immigration and billions in payment to the EU on her watch. It's as if, on her watch, nothing changed."

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