Sinister EU ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Schemes Revealed: EU ‘beginning to look like a giant version of Iran’, says UKIP’s Bingley

Published Oct 26, 2017

Further details have emerged of last week’s controversial meeting of EU Commission Security chiefs in Brussels, UKIP’s Terrorism and Cyber Security Spokesman, Richard Bingley, has revealed.

The meeting which was designed to bring together emergency services in Brussels, to honour the victims of terrorism, was instead used as a launchpad to grab more national taxpayers’ money and powers for the EU’s expanding security apparatus.

The ‘Counter Extremism Project Conference’ also lent its support the establishment of an EU Centre for the Prevention of Radicalisation that will combat “poisonous ideologies” (see EU Commissioner press release below (18/10/2017)).


Richard Bingley said:

“Whilst I’m probably the first person to support sensible measures to prevent terrorism, the duty to prevent, deter and prosecute terrorists’ rests with the sovereign nation state, its elected government and us voters. Of course, other allies often help, but we each own the task and answer to our electorate for that.”

“Furthermore, the aspirations and terminology used in the unelected Commissioner’s speech, are deeply irresponsible: they mention no operational parameters whatsoever for the EU.

“The EU is beginning to resemble a giant version of Iran, which has a sixth of Europe’s population and a huge police intelligence bureau to enforce compliance. Put simply, remote, unaccountable EU Commissioners – if even they are being well-intended in 2017 - are setting up a Cyber warfare super-state on steroids that will wreak havoc for future generations.

“Mass state-internet monitoring and ideological benchmarking across 510 million citizens is sinister and will generate extremism, not prevent it. 

“The most effective anti-terrorism begins with border controls, stronger laws, a lager police and military presence, targeted and intelligence-led surveillance, effective and fully-resourced Prison and Courts systems as well as withdrawal from brazenly outdated obligations, including subordination to ECHR.  

“These hazardous plans merely serve to remind us that a full and unconditional Brexit is an immediate requirement for us Brits. Brexit is our National Security.”

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