SNP are luddites over fracking says Carswell

Published Jun 04, 2015

Douglas_Carswell.jpgBritain’s fracking revolution could be blown off course — after the anti-fracking SNP was awarded control of the key House of Commons Energy Select Committee. The SNP have banned fracking north of the border until a consultation is carried out — despite calls for cheaper energy.

Referring to the weaver whose name was given to workers smashing machinery 200 years ago, UKIP MP Douglas Carswell said the appointment was like putting “Ned Ludd in charge of the industrial revolution”.

Douglas Carswell told The Sun: “It’s a bad thing because Parliament should be making the case for this bountiful supply of new cheap energy, but I suspect what will happen is that the committee will just issue angry luddite reports and will become an irrelevance.

He went onto say that other MPs will arrange themselves on the committee to block any attempts to derail the case for shale, adding “the case for fracking is so overwhelming they will ultimately be ignored — the committee will become an obstacle”.

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