Published Dec 23, 2017

Mike Hookem MEP, UKIP fisheries spokesman, has blasted the SNP over their “juxtaposed fisheries policy”, after MSP, Stewart Stevenson sent a cullen skink pie to Brexit minister, David Davis; saying, “while Stevenson and his cronies are fighting to keep us in the EU, the majority of fisherman are doing the absolute opposite.”

SNP MSP, Mr Stevenson has sent the pie to Mr Davis saying he hoped the Brexit secretary keeps the UK in the single market and customs union. However, Mr Hookem branded the move a “cheap gimmick that was not representative of what the majority of fishing communities in the UK want.”

“While Mr Stevenson’s fishy gimmick highlights growing fears among fishermen that their industry will once again be betrayed by the Conservatives, his motives seem to be misplaced.”

“Nearly every fisherman I have spoken to wants to be out of the CFP; establish and protect the UK’s 200-mile limit, and to reclaim the millions of tonnes of fish that are currently taken from our waters by EU vessels.

“None of the above can happen if the SNP get their wish to stay in the single market, as to do so, we would have to continue to allow the EU to rule the waves under the Common Fisheries Policy.

“The SNP are all at sea when it comes to fishing policy. On the one hand they want to remain in the EU and on the other leave the CFP. Well, the fact is, you can’t have one without the other and the SNP’s policy is in total juxtaposition to the reality of the situation.

“Rather than cheap gimmicks, maybe Mr Stevenson would be better using his time to get to know what fishing communities actually want. You only have to look at the level of support from Scottish fishing communities during the referendum to see that.

“While I do hope that Brexit secretary, Mr Davis, does use the Christmas period to reflect on the damage the Government seems determined to impose on the fishing industry, I also hope he realises staying in the CFP and the single market will kill the last vestiges of our fishing fleet.”

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