Something is rotten in our justice system to put criminals above Afghan interpreters

Published May 02, 2016

Mike_Hookem.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem has blasted the government following the apparent suicide of an Afghan interpreter who worked with the British Army in Helmand saying "something is rotten in our justice system."

The former soldier, who has been calling for interpreters who are living under a death sentence from Islamic extremists in their home country to have their asylum cases fast tracked, said "how dare we put criminals above people who have shown their loyalty to this country."

Back in August last year Mr Hookem called for the interpreters who worked in Helmand to be given the same rights as "those already in place for their Iraqi colleagues" after a man called Popal was murdered.

Mr Hookem said there were "legal channels for those people who are in danger because of their work with British forces to get to a safe country and apply to live in the UK.”

"I find it sickening that we allow murderers, rapists and paedophiles to not only live in the UK but help themselves to our social security system because of EU rules whilst those who are genuinely in need suffer.

"This man was fingerprinted in Italy and thus denied asylum here because we have handed over control of our system to the EU - something which the Lib Dems failed to mention, sadly.

"How can Theresa May and Michael Fallon sleep at night knowing that with their support of remaining in the EU they want to continue this unjust asylum and immigration policy, controlled by Brussels, which fails to allow us to care for those who need it and protect the British public from criminals?

"Back in 2013 Philip Hammond said he would be taking action. I think we can see that when it comes to who can come to live and settle in this country we have a government who would rather Brussels makes the rules even if it means a dereliction of our duty."

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