Sorry Jeremy . . . the EU won't let us renationalise our railways!

Published Sep 20, 2015

JS.jpegLabour leader Jeremy Corbyn's campaign for the renationalisation of UK railways is derailed before it even gets out of the station, according to UKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour.

"As long as we remain members of the European Union, Britain is simply not allowed to do this," says the West Midlands MEP, who sits on the Transport committee in Brussels. "Ever since the First Railway Directive back in 1998, the EU has dictated that all member states must provide competition and allow independent companies to apply for non-discriminatory track access.

"Mr Corbyn has only been in position for a week, but it is already clear that his policy ideas are off the rails. I suggest he should check his facts before making such sweeping statements - unless, of course, he is proposing to join UKIP in campaigning for a 'no' vote in the upcoming European Union referendum?"

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