Sovereign Draw


Don’t leave the future to chance. This is your opportunity to win Gold! Everyone loves gold! It is a safe haven in troubled times!

We need your support!

Joining our lottery will make a massive difference. The more players that join, the more profit we make and all profits from the lottery will go directly to UKIP.

Every month, the winner of the Sovereign Draw Lottery will win a Gold Sovereign.

It only costs a pound a game!

For just £1 per month you will be allocated a six digit Lottery number which is unique to you. This remains your number for as long as you keep playing. You can purchase more than one number if you wish. On the 25th day of every month, the lucky winner is selected at random. Your Gold Sovereign is sent directly to you, so there is no need for you to claim. You must be 16 or over to enter.

How it works

1. Choose how many times you want to play each month.

2. Download and fill in the form and return to us at:

Sovereign Draw Lottery
Sterling Management Centre
Furness Gate
Peter Green Way
Furness Business Park
LA14 2PE

NOTE: If you are paying for your Sovereign Draw tickets with Direct Debit, it takes three weeks to set up. This means that you will need to send in your Application to Play/Direct Debit form before the 5th to make certain that you can start playing in that month’s Draw. If you are paying by cheque, please make sure that we receive your Application to Play/cheque on the 20th to start playing in that month. If cheques or Direct Debit mandates are not received within the deadlines, the ‘start to play’ date will be transferred to the following month.

If you have any queries call Sovereign Draw’s lottery hotline on 
0870 085 3770

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