Spain picks up 600 migrants in 24 hrs off Gibraltar. It will only end when we Stop the Boats

Published Aug 17, 2017

Spanish Coast Guards have admitted that they have rescued over 600 migrants from the Straits of Gibraltar and the western Mediterranean in the last 24hrs - a massive escalation.

John Bickley, the UKIP Migration spokesman responded, "These latest shocking revelations from the Spanish authorities merely serve to highlight the utter ongoing failure of the EU to get a grip of what is essentially an economic migrant crisis fueled by trafficking gangs.
"These migrant are crossing not from war torn and lawless Libya, but from the settled, prosperous and friendly Morocco. They cannot be classified as refugees if they are coming from a relatively safe country, we must accept that the vast majority are economic migrants and have no right whatsoever to enter Europe.
"When will the EU take a leaf out of the Australian government's book? The Australian commitment to a "stop the boats" approach to illegal migration effectively ended their illegal migration problem. By ending the migrant boats the Australians have effectively saved thousands of lives, meanwhile by acting as a near ferry service EU governments and charities are encouraging tens of thousands to risk their lives on shoddy boats and perilous journeys whilst simultaneously enriching criminal gangs and importing jihadist terrorists into our midst".
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