Star Anderton reappointed as Disability Spokesman

Published Nov 30, 2016

StarAndertonRole.jpgStar Anderton said: "I am humbled that Paul Nuttall has asked me to continue as Disability Spokesman. It is truly an honour to serve. UKIP will continue to be the voice of the people not just the establishment elite.

"I will campaign for a fairer less stressful assessment procedure for disabled people. I want to spearhead common sense policy changes to ensure those who need the support, get it.


UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said: "Drawing on her personal experience and abundance of compassion for other people, Star’s years as UKIP’s Disability Spokesman have ensured disability rights and issues are high on the party’s agenda.

"Our disability policies are the most serious, compassionate and fair of any of the parties, and that’s down to Star’s years of hard work and dedication."

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