Statement from Adam Richardson, UKIP Party Secretary

Published Jan 28, 2018

UKIP has been added as a party to the Jane Collins defamation case as to costs only. This is because in 2014-2015 UKIP financially assisted Ms Collins MEP with her defamation case out of a moral obligation.

This made UKIP a 'pure funder' and as such UKIP should not be found liable for any costs incurred as a result of Jane Collins' case, regardless of the amount.

The 3 Labour MPs that sued Ms Collins are pursuing UKIP for these costs through the courts but UKIP denies all liability and is seeking to robustly defend this claim.

The majority of NEC members have changed since this date, as has the leader, chairman, treasurer and party secretary. The current NEC are however conducting this robust defence.

Adam Richardson, Party Secretary

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