Statement from Paul Sykes - UKIP donor


paul.pngPaul Sykes, a UKIP donor said, "I have had a lot of the media trying to contact me today to get involved in rubbishing Nigel Farage. This is what I would like to say about Nigel.

"Nigel Farage has been in Brussels fighting for Britain for 16 years, Nigel has led UKIP for 10 years, he has accomplished so much including winning outright the European Elections where 4.4 million voted for Ukip and at the recent elections where he achieved almost 4 million votes. This is because he communicates so well with ordinary people who are desperate for a voice among the Westminster elite. So without doubt as far as I'm concerned Nigel is the most experienced in the political field to be a powerful voice in the national referendum to hopefully achieve self government and control our own borders once again for this great nation of ours."

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