Steven Woolfe responds to record high numbers of Romanian and Bulgarian working in the UK


woolfe.jpegUKIP’s Migration spokesman, Steven Woolfe MEP commented, “These official figures have proven that the concerns UKIP raised last year in removing transitional controls from Bulgaria and Romania have become a reality. This issue was marginalized and we were accused by the political establishment of ‘scaremongering’ but now these figures show that immigration from both countries has reached a new high.

“Unsustainable migration numbers from Romania and Bulgaria has increased wage compression, resulting in wage stagnation and displacement for many British workers. Due Millions of families across the UK now find themselves in a situation where, the day to day cost of living has risen but their household income remains stagnant.

“With the UK having an open border to 485 million Europeans and with net migration running at 243,000 per year, it is impossible to make any long term and sustainable plans on infrastructure, housing and other public services. We need a migration system where we have the ability to control the quantity and quality of immigration into the UK, to sustain our public services for future generations.”

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