Steven Woolfe: “UKIP’s ethical Migration policy”


SteveWoolfe.jpgPeople now understand that there is overwhelming evidence showing that mass unskilled, uncontrolled, migration lowers subsistence wages for the poorest in society, and that so many millions of our fellow citizens now have to rely on government subsidies to live.

Evidence from successive OECD annual reports that clearly state mass low skilled migration brings no discernible economic benefit in GDP or GNP terms to the UK; Evidence from the EU own a migration report that says mass low skilled migration negatively affects the poorest in the UK. The mounting evidence shows that mass low skilled migration exceeds the cost to the UK economy far in excess of any benefits.

Irrespective of the evidence it is the people of Britain who feel its true effects.

UKIP will not ignore the concerns of the people and their number one concern is Immigration.

The present Government’s failure to do this is well documented. The everyday scenes in Calais are a testimony to this. The Coalitions incompetence is shown in the failed UK Border system that couldn't cope with separate monitoring of UK and EU citizens and led us to pay an American company an unbelievable ¼ billion pounds in compensation. If the Government can find the technology to listen in on all our phone calls it must be technically possible to identify UK citizens when they return home!

A UKIP supported government would make this project happen and it would do so by introducing priority entry points at all borders for UK passport holders. One line for British passport holders. One line for the rest of the world. I believe it is a privilege to hold a British passport so why should you have to wait an unreasonable time to come home.

If you think it is hard to wait in line, spare a thought for the under-resourced UK Borders staff. They have the task to spot and detain drug dealers and terrorists amid the tens of millions of people who enter this country each year. They are the visible protectors of our nation. Our first line of defence of the Homeland. For too long these hard working public servants have been put under too much pressure by successive governments. They need our support.

So today I am announcing that, UKIP’s general election manifesto will include a provision to increase front line staff and search teams at UK Border entry points by 2500 new staff.

UKIP will support measures to abolish the provisions of the Dublin treaty that says we cannot choose to identify the country an illegal migrant comes from if they do not have any identifying documents if they come to our borders. Once our entry point and borders are given the right protection, we need to turn to the status of those permitted to come to our country, tourists, qualified workers and those given permanent rights to reside.

Firstly, we believe all people from whichever country they come from should be treated the same if they wish to come to our country.

Secondly, we will not allow the British state to discriminate by region, origin or ethnicity.

Thirdly, we believe that Europeans should receive the same treatment as non-Europeans. We recognise that an appropriately qualified German Doctor has the same rights to apply to work in the UK as an appropriately qualified Indian doctor.

Fourthly, we cannot have a completely open door immigration policy to the whole world. We need to have selective and a skills based policy that balances the needs of economic growth and society. To achieve this UKIP will adopt the Australian points based system that matches skills to the industries that need them and that can permit integration and settlement without overcrowding.

Fifthly, within the points based system UKIP commits to bringing UK net migration down to 50,000 people a year for employment.

And finally in order to live here and be part of society you need to integrate. Being able to speak English is essential. Therefore in order to gain permanent rights of residence UKIP will raise the
language skills tests

So…UKIP will remove the passports of any person, who has gone to fight for a terrorist organisation, we will expel anyone immediately who commits a terrorist crime in this country who has been granted a passport.

Finally Conference we must also help those in other countries to prosper and grow their economies through friendship, highly targeted foreign aid and free trade. We must enter into free trade agreements with African nations even if the EU doesn't or won't let us.

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