Steven Woolfe visits Calais camp

Published Jun 16, 2015

UKIP's Migration Spokesman, Steven Woolfe MEP, is the first British politician to visit the unofficial migrant camp that growing numbers of economic migrants who have traveled across Europe, having successfully completed Mediterranean crossings, are building adjacent to the French authorities ‘official one’.

These migrants are not seeking political asylum in France. They have not claimed asylum in the first country in Europe in which they landed. They are determined to make it to the UK to work and live and, as the population grows in this squatter camp, their desperation and determination to get there increases.

Steven Woolfe said: “It’s simply shocking to see the numbers already here. “It’s not a camp anymore; it’s a ghetto, a thriving community and staging post for getting to the UK.

“They don’t want to stay in Italy, Germany or France because they see Britain as the only place where it’s easy for them to get jobs, healthcare and benefits – and we have heard that from their own mouths.”

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