Stop forced marriage, not unequal boardrooms

Published Oct 08, 2015

The EU should stop wasting time trying to define what a woman is and do more to tackle more serious gender issues like female genital mutilation – says UKIP Health Spokesman Louise Bours MEP.

In a speech at the European Parliament, the MEP accused the commission of trying to force their view of what a woman is on the wider public and organisations within member states, by introducing boardroom gender quotas and sanctioning companies that don’t comply with their required gender balance.

The speech was part of a debate on bringing in new gender regulations for companies across the EU and you can watch it in full below:

She said: “You want to conduct a study on the situations of working mothers; mothers who choose to stay at home, and women without children who have made a choice to work - why? To find out how each affects the labour market.

“You call for the introduction of sanctions, at EU level, that would exclude companies from procurement of goods and services financed with public subsidies.

“So are you saying you want the EU to block companies from using public goods, services and money if there isn´t an appropriate gender balance?”

Some regulations in the new proposals would reverse the burden of proof from employee to employer - forcing the accused to prove that they are innocent.

Ms Bours added: “Are you aware that this would require a complete alteration of the UK´s legal system? We´ll just throw the concept of innocent until proven guilty in the rubbish bin shall we?

“Do something useful, tackle forced marriage or FGM - speak out about the abuses of women in countries around the world, just stop wasting our time.”

After the debate, Ms Bours added: “As always, these people are more interested in gender quota´s and balances than tackling real world examples of abuses against women and girls. The do not have the courage to tackle the real issues women and girls face - FGM, forced marriage, rape - these seem to fall by the wayside, forgotten in the politically correct haze of multiculturalism".

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