Stop fraud in the Aid budget? Simple, slash that budget and spend the money here

Published Apr 26, 2017

The Public Accounts Committee report on fraud in the International Aid budget was scathing about the dismissive attitude to fraud displayed by both the Foreign and International Development departments which suggested that there was no significant problem with fraud.

Lisa Duffy, UKIP's Foreign Aid spokesman said, "As the Committee made clear, it isn't good enough to wave a hand and claim not to be able to divulge who is committing the fraud, it is imperative that people are able to know who is stealing their hard earned taxes.

"That the Committee itself seems to accept that there are both "legal and cultural sensitivities" in divulging the identities of the fraudsters is equally worrying.

"We have our own cultural sensitivity here in the UK, the one in which tax payers money is accounted for and accountable.

"This report highlights one of the reasons why it is outrageous that the Government has committed itself to the .7% target of GDP to be spent on foreign aid. We should slash the budget keeping only humanitarian, disaster relief and clean water projects and repatriate the taxpayers money back to where it can help those taxpayers, here in the UK".

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