Stop the NHS parking scam

Published Oct 14, 2016

PaulNuttall1.jpgOne third of hospital trusts have increased their car parking charges despite pledges of a Government clampdown. An investigation reveals that some hospitals are now charging four times as much as city centre car parks, with sick patients and those visiting loved ones paying up to £4 an hour. The figures show that in the last year, one third of NHS trusts have increased their average charge for a three-hour period.

Paul Nuttall MEP said: “It is disgraceful that hospital trusts continue to hike up the costs of hospital car parking. Hospital parking charges hit people when they are typically at their most stressed and anxious. Going to hospital as a patient or visitor is a stressful enough thing at the best of times. But when car parks are run as revenue maximising assets rather than as a facility for people it adds significantly to the stress.

“We in UKIP have for many years opposed hospital car parking charges as we regard them as little more than a tax on the sick and the vulnerable. Plus carers have a tough enough time as it is without expecting them to fork out every time they offer up their time to visit someone in hospital.

“In our general election manifesto we pledged to invest £200 million from savings made from tackling health tourism to make parking at English hospitals free for patients and their visitors. Given that Theresa May and the Conservative seem to be spending their time lifting policies from our manifesto can I suggest that they take a look at this one next.” 

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