Stop turning our country into a concrete jungle

Published Jan 06, 2016

Andrew-Charalambous-1.jpgUKIP Housing Spokesman, Andrew Charalambous has escribed plans to wipe out a thousand acres of green belt in Basildon to make way for development as "appalling".

"We do not have the right to deprive future generations of the marvels of the great British countryside for which so many brave British soldiers have sacrificed their lives to protect".

UKIP are the only British political party committed to protecting a hundred per cent of the British countryside and green belt from residential development.

Charalambous went on to add that "Unless we develop a sensible immigration policy the pressure for relentless house building will continue to be compounded."


Charalambous urged local Basildon councillors irrespective of their party politics to do their patriotic duty and resist plans to turn Basildon into a concrete jungle. He concluded saying that, "This is just one of hundreds of similar proposed developments in the UK, many of which pass below the radar of serious media scrutiny."

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