Stuart Agnew reappointed Agriculture Spokesman

Published Dec 01, 2016

StuartAgnewRole.jpgStuart Agnew MEP said, "I have been hoping that I would retain this portfolio under our new leader Paul Nuttall, and I am delighted that this has happened. The role affords me the opportunity to indirectly influence Agriculture policy post Brexit, even if it does mean seeing my ideas poached and marketed under a different colour. It is not just farmers who are irritated by magpies!

"Support, trade, regulation and access to labour are the four big topics to which British farmers require answers. With a lifetime of experience in mixed farming enterprises I understand what they need, and will do all I can to ensure that they are treated fairly."

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said, "Being a farmer, Stuart understands the huge challenges the industry is facing and how we can deliver the much needed changes now and post-Brexit."

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