Suggested VAT harmonisation will make EU the “Milk Snatcher Supreme”

Published Jan 28, 2016

Diane_James.jpgAn EU official has said that a review planned for VAT across the European Union could threaten long-standing British right to waive sales tax on key items such as  food, medicine and children's clothing

Responding UKIP Home Affairs spokeswoman, Diane James MEP said: “I find it disgraceful that an unelected European Commissioner would even consider effectively taking the food from childrens’ mouths and the clothes off their backs.

"This is a logical consequence of being in a political union where EU central regulation and harmonisation is paramount.

"When EU’s desire for uniformity is supreme, it’s clear British children will be the ones to suffer the consequences. It would appear the EU wants to be the Milk Snatcher Supreme.

"David Cameron is quickly learning he may get minor concessions in a few areas from the EU but that they will take away important areas of sovereignty with the other hand.

"The EU wants full political and eventually fiscal union and by taking away Britain’s zero VAT rating on food and childrens’ clothing they are being entirely consistent with their own logic, as harmful as it may be. “

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