Surrey Council put already stretched household budgets at unacceptable risk, says UKIP

Published Jan 19, 2017

petereeve.jpgUKIP spokesman on Local Government, Cllr Peter Reeve MBE today condemned the proposal by Cllr David Hodge, Leader of Surrey County Council to impose a 15% tax rise on its residents. 

Cllr Reeve said: "Even if the move is rejected by residents, the cost of the referendum that will be triggered by the proposed tax rise will have to be paid by the Surrey council tax payer, which could be up to £1 million. 

"The Government is putting many of the most vulnerable British residents in need of care at risk by under funding Social care. Playing games with Council Tax in order to prove a point to Cllr Hodges Tory Party political masters at local tax payers expense  is not the way to do it.

"Rather than devastating household budgets with huge council tax rises that will hit hard working residents, the Surrey County Council leader would be better to come out in support of UKIP's policy to fund adult social care through moving funding out of the foreign aid budget into UK social care.

"UKIP believe that this governments Foreign Aid budget of £12.2Billion can be reduced to £3billion without impacting the most essential elements of foreign aid that of water, inoculation and disaster relief, those aspects which people think of when the term foreign aid is used. Beyond this spend, some of the remaining £9Billion should be diverted to support the most vulnerable people in the UK not prop up spurious and questionable aid programmes in foreign countries with huge spends on space, nuclear and military programmes.

"UKIP is standing up against the waste and misuse of public money and we urge Cllr Hodge and Surrey County Council, rather than punishing their council tax payers for their Governments poor decisions, to join UKIP is standing up for ordinary British people and bring this money back home where it is urgently needed."

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