Suzanne Evans sets out UKIP’s position on Welfare


suzanne.pngUKIP Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans will outline the party’s headline welfare policies at party conference in Doncaster on Friday.

Her speech will show UKIP’s firm but very fair approach to the benefits system, an approach which recognises the need for Government to provide a strong safety net when circumstances prevent people being self-sufficient financially, but one which also sends a clear statement that welfare abuses will not be tolerated.

Key to UKIP’s thinking on welfare are two core principles: one, that those who have previously paid into the welfare pot through National Insurance contributions deserve to take more out of the system when they need it; and two, that migrants will have to show their commitment to contributing to Britain’s economy before they can take from it.

A UKIP Government will: -

Crack down on benefit fraud
End welfare tourism with a five-year embargo on benefits for migrants
Stop child benefit being paid to children who don’t live here and
Limit child benefit to two children for new claimants
Axe the bedroom tax
End unfair ATOS-style disability benefit assessments
Pay more benefit to job seekers who’ve already paid tax and national insurance for five years

UKIP will also support families by introducing an assumption of 50-50 shared parenting rights when relationships break down, and give visiting rights to Grandparents.

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