Swiss Government tear up free movement of people with the EU

Published Mar 04, 2016

william.jpgIn a devastating indictment of the failures of EU migration policies the Swiss Government has placed legislation in its Parliament that will set EU migrant quotas. Currently Switzerland allows EU citizens free access, but this has caused huge problems in Switzerland. In response to this Switzerland unveiled tough draft legislation for unilateral curbs on immigration should it fail to agree with the EU by early next year on limiting the influx of foreigners. They want to have a mutual agreement with the EU, but will act unilaterally if no such agreement is forthcoming.

William Dartmouth MEP, Trade Spokesman and recently appointed Deputy Chairman commented, "It's a devastating rejection of the EU's free movement of people and the 'In' campaigns assertion that you cannot have free trade without free movement of people.

"The Swiss Government are clearly doing the right thing. They are tearing up the Treaty clause of free movement of people now it has become unworkable.  

"Would that the Prime Minster and the UK Government do something similar. Cameron's failed negotiations show he never had the belief or bottle to get anything worthwhile from Brussels. When there is a problem the Swiss Government act, whereas the British government sit on their hands, why, because the Swiss are a free nation, and until we leave the EU, we are not."

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