That the world's biggest Sovereign Wealth fund has no fear of Brexit is no surprise

Published Mar 10, 2016

The massive £580bn Norwegian Sovereign Wealth fund has today stated confidence in a post EU Britain. Its boss Yngve Slyngstad said, "We will continue to be a significant investor in the UK at about the same level as we are today and probably even increasing our investments there going forward no matter what happens." This was backed up by the head of the Norwegian Central Bank, Oeystein Olsen who said,  "The fund will remain a long-term investor".

Christopher Mills, the UKIP Business Spokesman responded, "Most of the entrepreneurial British fund managers know perfectly well that Brexit will have no significant impact on British business and the economy.

"Similarly they don't have the same conflicts of interest as the big multinational investment banks who receive significant revenues from European governments I seem to remember that it was Goldman Sachs who advised the European Union that Greece could meet its economic criteria".

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