The Aid budget is being abused, whilst those at home suffer

Published Jan 03, 2017

bigpic.jpgFollowing the scandalous revelations that the Government has been giving £1bn of taxpayers cash direct to individuals in Pakistan, Lisa Duffy, the UKIP Aid spokesman said,

"It is impossible to justify that over the last five years over £1bn of our foreign aid budget has been given away in cash. This is just one example of where the UK taxpayers’ money is not being used wisely, we in UKIP are calling for the foreign aid budget to be reduced by £9bn, freeing up resources for the priorities of the British people such as Adult social care. The foreign aid budget should be spent on prioritizing emergency aid, health and inoculation programs and initiatives that provide sanitation and clean water.

"Surely common-sense tells us that giving cash handouts in a country that has its own nuclear weapons and space programs is simply wrong. Our own UK taxpayers’ are facing more and more cuts on a daily basis whilst we are providing benefits to the citizens of Pakistan.

"It is time our Government became more accountable with our foreign aid budget and started working towards free and fair trade by opening up Britain’s huge consumer markets.

"That is the best path to prosperity for the world’s poorest people."

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