The army is not the enemy Mr Corbyn

Published Jan 12, 2017

thumbnail_bill4.jpgBill Etheridge, UKIP Defence spokesman, has slated claims by a spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn that British troops in Eastern Europe are escalating tensions between NATO and Russia.

Nia Griffith, the Labour Shadow Defence secretary, said she was not considering her position over the issue but that support for Nato was a “red line” but suggested that Mr Corbyn would not back a military response from NATO if Russia invaded Estonia - despite hundreds of UK troops due to be stationed there.

Mr Etheridge, said “Once again we have the official opposition in complete and utter disarray. Accusing the army of destabilising the international situation is stabbing brave soldiers in the back. Men and women who cannot speak out in their own defence.

“The left arm does not know what the even further left arm is doing.

“Unity in NATO has kept the peace for the best part of seventy years and now is not the right time to be talking about breaking a deal. It's obvious that Corbyn doesn't understand its fundamental purpose, mutual defence.

“UKIP’s position on this issue is very clear. We are completely supportive of NATO and if anything should be increasing our support of it rather than double-crossing our allies.”

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