The best thing that can be said for Ed Miliband on the economy is that he comes up with inoffensive platitudes


PatrickOflynn.jpgUKIP Economics Spokesman Patrick O'Flynn said: "The best thing that can be said for Ed Miliband on the economy is that he comes up with inoffensive platitudes.

"Every party and politician would like a Britain of higher skills, higher productivity, higher added value jobs and higher wages. But Mr Miliband patently has no idea how to bring this about. It will not be done with Soviet-style tractor production targets for every firm, as he appeared to propose today. And Labour's record on dumbing down education does not engender confidence that it has anything to offer in terms of producing a higher skilled workforce.

"Neither is productivity helped by open-door immigration for semi-skilled and unskilled jobs. An Australian points-style migration system is essential, so we can emphasise skills and aptitudes when considering who to allow to come to live and work in Britain. But this requires leaving the EU and only UKIP is prepared to do that.

"And only by tackling the massive oversupply of foreign labour in the working class jobs market can we expect to see wages rising again for British working people.

"Worst of all, Labour seems to have no intention at all of joining all the other major parties in pledging to significantly further raise the personal allowance to ensure that people can earn a basic living for themselves before they start to have income tax deducted from their pay packets.

"Mr Miliband also appears to believe that you have to be part of a political union in order to conduct international trade.

"The truth is that Ed Miliband and Ed Balls were key figures in Gordon Brown's Treasury when aggressive corporate tax avoidance, public borrowing and unskilled immigration all ran out of control.

"They said they had ended boom and bust but in fact left the British people extremely vulnerable to the financial crash of 2008. They should never again be entrusted with the levers of economic power."

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