The Blueprint: Our Future After Brexit

Published Mar 30, 2016

book_v_2.pngA UKIP member of the European Parliament has written a book about the country's future following Brexit. The 76-page, easy to read book, takes us through step-by-step his idea of what might happen following a vote to leave the European Union on June 23rd and you can pre-order it here.

Jonathan Arnott, MEP for North East England and the Party's spokesman on the EU Budget, became frustrated at the 'IN' campaign's Project Fear and the doom-mongers who suggest that the world's fifth largest economy would be unable to stand on our own two feet as part of a modern 21st-century world. Starting on June 24 2016, he takes us through the next four years on a day-by-day basis - describing how the country can overcome the little bumps on the road to independence, and how the country might change. It's a work of fiction, but it might well prove to be more eerily accurate than any crystal ball.

UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP, in the Foreword to the book, wrote: "Following in the fine traditions of the ‘What If’ series, this book is an insightful and entertaining read about how Britain can be made great again...have you ever wondered what life would be like for an independent United Kingdom freed from Brussels red tape and interference? Jonathan Arnott presents a compelling case that our destiny should be in our own hands once again."

Commenting on his book, Jonathan Arnott said "The coming referendum is all about fear versus hope. I believe that a post-EU Britain can have a huge future as a global leader, if only our politicians have the confidence to make it happen. It is a work of fiction, but one which is very much based on evidence that there's a better future out there, if only we're prepared to reach out and take it."

The book is priced at just £5 plus delivery. To pre-order your copy of 'The Blueprint: Our Future After Brexit' (expected delivery time for the first copies is 2 weeks) please visit

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