The Casey Report shows how successive governments have failed our country

Published Dec 05, 2016

4uCGRQnR.jpgResponding to the publication of the Casey Report, David Kurten AM, the UKIP Education Spokesman said, "The Casey Report shows how successive governments have failed our country, and how rapid, mass immigration is leading to a breakdown in society. It is simple common sense that immigrants need many years to integrate into British society and culture.

"What is more disturbing is that second and third generation immigrants are in many cases still ill-adjusted to British society, and segregation in schools is a fact in many parts of the country. It is staggering that one school was mentioned where pupils genuinely believe that Britain is up to 90% Asian.

"Many of the report’s recommendations are things which UKIP has been saying for years. All schoolchildren should learn English, and have a proper understanding of British history and culture, whatever background they are from.

"The Casey Report calls for classes for young people to increase their employability, and for more support and funding for out-of-school activities which boost social cohesion such as sports clubs and National Citizen Service. These are welcome, as is the call for greater monitoring and registration of home schooling. Home schooling is excellent for pupils who are well integrated into society, but it is right to combat the danger of minority ethnic pupils not learning English properly or gaining a full understanding of British culture, history and values.

"The Casey Report re-iterates the underperformance of white working-class British children in schools stating that ‘white working class underperformance is real and persistent.’; Chinese students on free school meals do nearly 3 times as well in GSCEs. UKIP recognizes this as a huge issue, and the only way to increase social mobility is to roll out Grammar schools and Technical schools across the country, and to increase access to Apprenticeships for working-class British boys and girls.

"The report also recommends an oath for public servants of ‘tolerance for those with different beliefs’. Immense care must be taken with the definition of ‘tolerance’. We must not criminalise the wrong people or to smear good professional teachers as ‘non-violent extremists’ or ‘hate criminals’ simply for expressing an opinion, which may happen with the upcoming Extremism Bill. Freedom of speech and conscience must be protected.

"It is tolerance of certain different beliefs and practices which have led to turning a blind eye to FGM, child bride rapes and honour killings, not to mention challenging the lack of English language capability among specific groups such as Somali girls, and continued segregation in schools. These things should not be tolerated. Migrants must integrate into British culture and learn English properly. This is as important in schools and colleges as it is in wider society."

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