The Chennai 6 found not Guilty. The Foreign Office must now get them home.

Published Nov 27, 2017

The Chennai 6, former servicemen who have spent the past 4 years in an Indian jail, have been acquitted by an Indian court.

Henry Bolton, the UKIP leader who has been part of the campaign to free the men, reacted.

"This is outstanding news. Thirty five innocent men imprisoned, including our six former British veterans who all have exemplary army records of service, have spent four years locked in the Indian legal system for merely doing their job, that of protecting international shipping. Now, finally, the Indian judicial system has found them not guilty - a decision that should have been made years ago. 

"I am over the moon that now the Chennai 6 will be able to return to their families in time for Christmas. What an overdue present that will be.

"The families and friends have shown utterly remarkable courage, resilience and determination in their campaign to have their loved ones released. I’d also like thank their legal team and the broad range of politicians and public figures whose unceasing efforts have worked to bring about today's result.

"Now, I call in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to immediately bring the Chennai 6 under the protection of Her Majesty’s Government and to get them home, and fast". 

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