The fight resumes: Mrs May has betrayed the Referendum decision

Published Sep 23, 2017

"After fifteen months of doing nothing she has revealed her desired outcome", Gerard Batten, the UKIP Brexit spokesman has condemned the Prime Minister's Florence speech, but issued a call to arms for all those who voted for the UK to regain it's independence.

"Her intention is for us to leave the EU in name but not in reality.

"Her 'vision' is for Britain to be an EU satellite state: such as Poland was to the old Soviet Union. She has made concession after concession and has received nothing in return.

"These include continuing freedom of movement, continuing jurisdiction by European courts over the UK, continuing payment of billions a year to the EU, continuing capitulation to the demands of an EU which does not want a mutually advantageous deal with the UK.

"The idea of a new Treaty on Security and Defence signals that she wishes us to become part of a future EU Army, something that is clearly against the wishes of the British public. Not only that but it is clear from her own position whilst Home Secretary that we will be keeping all the police and criminal justice measures including the invidious European Arrest Warrant.

"UKIP will now be invigorated to continue its fight to take Britain out of the EU and make us an independent nation once again.

"The fight resumes."

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