The Forces of Political Correctness Cannot Be Allowed to Overrule Fact or Justice

Published Aug 17, 2017

UKIP’s women’s and equalities spokeswoman, Margot Parker MEP, slams ‘virtue signalling social justice warriors’ who seek to protect perpetrators over child rape and abuse victims

“The forces of political correctness cannot be allowed to overrule fact or justice,” as a debate continues to rage over the validity of comments on Pakistani ‘rape gangs’, made by a Labour MP.

Mrs Parker spoke out following the resignation of Labour frontbencher, Sarah Champion, after the Rotherham MP wrote that "Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls” in a national newspaper article.

Speaking of speculation that “virtue signalling social justice warriors” disgusted by Ms Champion's comments forced her resignation, Mrs Parker blasted; “What Ms Champion said is nothing more than a fact. Those who seek to undermine those of us brave enough to speak out about these horrific crimes should hang their heads in shame.”

“We have now seen rape gangs from the British Pakistani community jailed in Keighley, Rotherham, Rochdale, Manchester and Newcastle, to name but a few of the towns and cities where these monsters have been operating. This is a problem. Fact!"

This issue is not about race, racism, or demonising any “particular group”, as Jeremy Corbyn suggests.

It’s about identifying demographics and trends in society so that we can better protect children of all races from rape and sexual abuse in the future. The facts speak for themselves and politicians have a duty to be brave enough to acknowledge it.”

Ukip MEP and Home Affairs spokesman, Jane Collins who is also the party's MEP in Rotherham and has stood twice for the seat said she was "hugely disappointed" with the "backwards step" when discussing grooming gangs.

"It wasn't a poor choice of words," she said, "it was the truth."

"Sarah said on the Today Programme social workers from RMBC had been trying to raise awareness of grooming gangs but had instead been sent on courses.

"1400 predominantly white girls in Rotherham were raped by predominantly Muslim men. The demographics are the same in other areas in the UK like Rochdale.

"I was delighted when Sarah admitted this was a problem of Pakistani men abusing white girls; I thought she'd grown a pair. Sadly I was wrong and it seems it's just me and a few others trying to speak the obvious truth about this problem."

Mrs Parker continued, “Yet again, it would seem that the forces of political correctness so prevalent on the left of society today, have gotten their way in halting the debate and protecting perpetrators over victims.”

“And the sad fact is, this is happening all too often!”

“You only have to look at how the fear of a politically correct backlash allowed rape and abuse in Champion’s constituency of Rotherham to continue for sixteen years!”

“That is why we need an intelligent debate in this country about tackling these crimes; free from the constraints of those who seek to demonise, harangue, and undermine the participants purely based on the fear of ‘offending’ someone.”

“And we cannot allow in this country a situation like in Sweden where it is now illegal to even mention an abusers race or ethnicity!”

“However, while I support a debate, I also believe we must be careful in our use of language, especially when the word ‘Asian’ is used to describe the ethnicity of these gangs. This implies men from all Asian communities are involved when this is not the case. However, some members of these communities suffer the backlash from idiots at the other end of the spectrum seeking ‘revenge’.

“The simple fact is until we can have an intelligent and grown up debate surround these issues, the whole merry-go-round would continue. We as a society must have the guts to confront these issues and not allow those on the hard-left to sweep them under the carpet."

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