The ghosts of remainers past gather at Davos

Published Jan 24, 2018

Both Tony Blair and David Cameron have been telling people what they think about Brexit on the fringes of the plutocrats playground that is the Davos World Economic Forum summit.

Henry Bolton, the UKIP leader said, "Tony Blair has told everybody that he will stick to his beliefs that Brexit was wrong, no matter what, 'There is nothing that would make me change my mind in thinking that this is a regressive move' he says.

"There have been months of positive economic data so far, and these proceed likely significant improvements when we are finally able to rid ourselves shackles of the Euro-sclorotic system he so loves will do nothing. When Britain is fee, happy and successful Blair will sit there like Smaug on his piles of consultancy money, bemoaning the world and drifting into impotence.

"Meanwhile David Cameron is now admitting that Brexit isn't the "disaster" he had feared. Given that he feared that Brexit would bring at least three of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse cantering down the lanes of our country that is hardly a surprise. But I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies.

"The fact is in the months since the vote pretty much all of the fear and doom laden protections from the Government, from Blair and from most of those gathered in Switzerland have been proved wrong, and badly so. Better still we haven't even left yet."

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