The 'In' crowd admit that wages will rise on Brexit

Published Mar 02, 2016

JaneCollins.jpgUKIP Employment Spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP responds to Lord Rose, official chairman of the 'remain' campaign who told the Treasury Select Committee Brexit would increase pay but "That's not necessarily a good thing"

"Contrary to what a multi millionaire, ermine clad member of the peerage said I can tell you that people across the UK would be delighted to have higher wages, particularly if that meant they did not need to rely on tax credits and could afford decent clothes and healthy food as well as paying the gas bill.

"Because of mass migration wages have been pushed down to the very minimum and people are still choosing between heating and eating. That's without even going into those British people who have been desperately seeking work.

"How dare a man with a net worth of £34 million tell people who earn less than £340 a week that higher wages aren't necessarily a good thing.

"They might not be so good for big business which won't be able to exploit the free movement of labour the EU brings them but it'll be a huge bonus for everyone else - although of course not a bonus on the same scale Lord Rose and his other cronies will be used to."

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