The introduction of ID cards for EU citizens post-Brexit is the thin end of the wedge

Published Jan 07, 2017

Jane_PR_Img.jpgUKIP Home Affairs Spokeswoman, Jane Collins MEP, has blasted a call by Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, to introduce ID cards for EU citizens saying; “This is a bad idea that would lead to the introduction of a national ID card for everyone.”

Ms Collins comments come after Amber Rudd told MPs, EU citizens living in the UK after Brexit “will be a need to have some sort of documentation”.

Speaking from her Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire constituency, Ms Collins said, “This is merely the thin end of the wedge to the introduction of a national ID card for everyone; something I am bitterly opposed to.”

“Time and again we have heard politicians use arguments ranging from terrorism, to benefit fraud, in order to justify their pipe dream of introducing a national ID card.

“The introduction of an ID card would be a draconian, ‘big brother’ move and there is simply no need for one, that’s why we have passports.

“What is wrong with having a simple visa stamp in a passport to differentiate between those who have the right to live and work in the UK and those who don’t.

“It is a damn sight more cost effective and achievable than the biometric cards proposed a few years ago.

“And while many in the legacy parties scream racism every time migration is mentioned, to now demand the introduction of an ID based on ethnicity and accent smacks of utter hypocrisy.

“It is time politicians woke up and realised the British public have little appetite for the introduction of an ID card, whether it be for EU nationals or the wider public. It is a totally anti-libertarian move that is both undemocratic and unnecessary.”

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