The LibLabCon Cartel is frightened and will stoop to any depths to smear UKIP supporters – UKIP Leader Nigel Farage responds to Guardian report of concerted Establishment bid to brand UKIP ‘racist’


Nigel  Farage today condemned the three main Westminster parties for resorting to a "campaign of slurs" against UKIP supporters in a desperate bid to protect their establishment cartel and prevent his party winning the European elections next month.

The UKIP leader spoke out after a front page Guardian report revealed the launch of a cross-party campaign to brand UKIP as racist.

Former Labour immigration minister Barbara Roche is leading an anti-UKIP campaign by the Migration Matters Trust, which also has Tory and Lib Dem support, and has accused UKIP of "Euracism".

Mr Farage said: "I am really sorry that millions of people who have decided to vote UKIP next month now find themselves accused by the political establishment of supporting racism.

"This is like the incident between Gordon Brown and Gillian Duffy at the last general election writ large – this time it is not merely one person being slandered by one establishment party but huge numbers of decent British people under attack and all three Westminster parties levelling the charge of racism and bigotry.


"Now we can see why none of the establishment parties will ever get immigration under control – they simply don't believe in doing so.

"So they are trying to browbeat the British public into abandoning UKIP and sticking with open-door immigration by using the most disgraceful slurs. This is the classic tactic of any cartel whose position is threatened by a new competitor in the market place.

"When UKIP was perceived mainly as a threat to the Conservative Party, it was David Cameron and his colleagues who used this tactic. Now we are recognised as a threat to the entire establishment it is all three parties that are slinging mud.

"I think the British public will take this extremely badly. I believe they want and appreciate the new choices being offered to them by UKIP on issues like immigration control and will certainly not appreciate being branded racist for doing so.

"The electorate is not in the mood to be intimidated by the political establishment and Messrs Cameron, Miliband and Clegg have just made another disastrous mistake. I call on all fair-minded British people to swing behind UKIP and teach these creeps a lesson they won't forget in a hurry."

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