The Prime Minister must consider an "Empty Chair" after Commissioner gaffe

Published Oct 19, 2017

Pierre Moscovici, the EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs has let the cat out of the bag; there will be no deal or movement towards a deal at this week's summit in Brussels. He has already announced that the will be no movement towards a deal this week. He is saying this before the discussions with the UK have even started.

"We already know that it will not conclude that sufficient progress has been made," said Moscovici  , when referring to the substance of the Council meeting.

Under questioning by David Coburn UKIP's Euro MP and Leader in Scotland at the Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs he let his comment slip.

Henry Bolton the UKIP leader said,
"The European Commission's position is therefore quite clear, they have no intention of conducting reasonable negotiations with the British PM.

"Charles de Gaulle's effective use the "Empty chair" in 1966 should be a model. Otherwise it is just playground bullying by the EC. Mrs May should do the same".

Pierre Moscovici at 3.15

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