The rich are getting richer but the poor are still getting poorer

Published Mar 03, 2017

Andrew-Charalambous-1.jpgAccording to data published by the Institute of Fiscal Studies the UK is experiencing the weakest growth in living standards for sixty years. Reacting to this Andrew Charalambous UKIP's Work and Pensions Spokesman said, "We are probably the only significant global economy whose population are feeling the pain of contracting incomes even though the economy is expanding. Clear proof again that under the Tories the rich get richer and the poor poorer".

UKIP have persistently argued that the uncontrolled immigration of the past decade and beyond has been a primary source of downward pressure on British incomes.

Charalambous added, "The IFS has calculated that household incomes will be 18 percent less in 2021 than would have been reasonably projected in 2008. It's time this government took substantive measures to tackle rising poverty. It's a disgrace that so many Brits in 2017 are relying on foodbanks for their daily survival."

Charalambous is calling for a review of the benefits system to stop countless delays and injustices which are forcing people into poverty and despair. Leaving them with no option but to turn to foodbanks or starve.

Charalambous demanded a return to "the great British values of fairness and fair play. We need a pension and benefits system that is both compassionate and dignified".

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