The tide in Europe is turning against the European Union

Published Dec 03, 2015

WI2D5I3N.jpgExit polls suggest that Danish voters have voted against adopting EU rules strengthening cross-border policing. An exit poll released by the TV2 news station showed 52.8% of Danes voted No whilst another exit poll, from the DR station, showed 53.3% voted against the proposals. The result of the referendum will determine whether Denmark will have closer ties with the European Union or continue a decades-old opt-out from justice affairs that would end ties with Europol. The vote comes as the European law-enforcement agency is preparing to increase its role in fighting terrorism.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage welcomed the news saying: "Congratulations to the Danish people for rejecting Europol and the EU's criminal justice system unlike Theresa May who opted us back in.

"The tide in Europe is turning against the European Union and I'm delighted to see the "No" side triumph in this referendum. The campaign logo "More EU – No Thanks" is a concept I am 100 percent behind and I can only hope that the British people show the same level of judgement and sound mind in our referendum.

"It is wonderful to see a political establishment stitch-up be knocked back so emphatically and hopefully our British equivalent will suffer a similar fate.

"In an increasingly unsafe world it is clear that the best people to control Danish Justice and Policing is the Danish people themselves, not unelected bureaucrats in Brussels."


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